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It is Amazing! Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web.

WordPress is web software you can use to create websites!

The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you are ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call "home" - we would love you to join the family.

WordPress is web software you can use to create websites!

It is Amazing! Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web.

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Whatever Your Age – Look Good In Skinny Jeans And Leggings 

I was avoiding wearing the leggings and skinny jeans like others for a number of reasons. I used to tell myself repeatedly that I wasn’t young enough to wear them.Read More >

Tips On Saving Money On Fashion

Once I was fortunate enough to dig out a Marc Jacobs bag from a casual heap of leather bags that was there at an upscale store. I paid just $40Read More >

What Outsourcing Taught Me About The World

Countless businesses outsource work to some other countries. But outsourcing can become scary. How do you understand you’re definitely not intending to turn out to be sculpted off, with aRead More >

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Small Tasks

You have to foodstuff it new content continually, keep up with WordPress updates, maintain your hosting account, moderate comments, respond to readers… a great deal, thousands of bit assignments maybe.Read More >

Whatever Your Age – Look Good In Skinny Jeans And Leggings 

I was avoiding wearing the leggings and skinny jeans like others for a number of reasons. I used to tell myself repeatedly that I wasn’t young enough to wear them. Or it may have been that I felt I was not skinny enough to look good in them. Either way, the skinny bottom’ bill was not one that fit me.

Perhaps you are like me in that you felt the skinny bottomed look was too immature and the jeans and leggings unwearable when the skinny jeans and leggings fashion entered the scene. For me, however, this disregard was a repeat of the 80’s and that was precisely what bothered me. However, this time around, leggings seem to have gone more high-tech than before. In addition to control leggings from Spanx that are available, there are jean-look leggings and the designer leggings that are more expensive. All of these give you whatever look you desire: jeans to leggings and everything in between.

I clearly remember the first time I tried a pair of leggings. Be sure, I went for cheap ones. These leggings were really low-waisted and I spent all the time tugging at them for them to stay up there on my waist and keep them from slipping down. Beware.

Wear the right shoes

Actually, it is my discovery of the ponte-knit leggings that nailed me in. The dense ponte-knit fabric leggings gave me more comfort and the feeling that I was actually wearing something under those sweaters and tunics. I felt more at ease and young enough to wear the ponte-knit ones. Why I even looked stylish when I wore one of those long tunics over these leggings. Black leggings go with all kinds of footwear: laced boots to flats.

If you want to look underage, then perhaps the printed versions or the ripped up ones are better for you. There are the lace leggings too that cover up and yet reveal, once again, more suited for the younger ones.

Maybe the skinny jeans would have had more takers had it not been for the word skinny’. They are not meant to wrap you around like a second skin. Perhaps the word slim’ tagged along with the jeans would have fared better with more women. I love my bootcut jeans though. Skinny jeans are what I wear tucked into tall boots during the fall. The boots’ bulk contributes to providing a more balanced appearance. Otherwise, I feel the skinny appearance is too prominent and takes away the beauty of the apparel that I am wearing. If you ask me about the color of the leggings to be worn, my vote is for the dark ones: blacks and the dark wash. They make you look the best.

Gap’s skinny jean is my preferred brand because the waist is higher up and more comfortable. My only complaint is that I have to order the next bigger size of the brand for a more comfortable wear.

If you are of plus-size you can still wear skinny jeans and leggings. I have seen some of these women who carry themselves off really well. Nevertheless, I believe the secret is in wearing an outfit that is well proportioned and suited to the body type.

I am going to let you into another secret now. If you want to look slim no matter what size you are, go for an all-black monochromatic look. Black ankle boots with black leggings and a black tunic flow well and make you look slimmer than you are. You can pull off a super stylish slim look with a charcoal grey tunic and black leggings and boots as well. Use footwear and leggings of the same color. Long unbroken lines of the same color add to appeal and style.

Using heeled shoes, when I wear skinny jeans, is what helps me to make my legs look slimmer and longer. If your legs are too skinny, I have the cure: go for ballet flats. They add up to the appeal. Ankle-length skinny jeans look best when worn with booties. They look trendy and great. They make you feel young all over again. I am going to have the last word for now: I just wear whatever I like. It keeps away all worries.

Tips On Saving Money On Fashion

Once I was fortunate enough to dig out a Marc Jacobs bag from a casual heap of leather bags that was there at an upscale store. I paid just $40 for the bag. I picked it up though I did not much appreciate its washed-out teal color and it was a slightly faded at the edges. As I did not use the bag much, I cannot really claim that I got it for a steal. In the real sense, I would say, I wasted $40. Nevertheless, it is an experience that I shared with many people.

If you observe, you will realize that women would like to rave about their incredible shopping experiences. Sometime back, I had a neighbor who was a shopping addict just like me. We used to share stories about Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren instead of gossiping about cheating husbands and which neighbor’s lawn had more weeds.

I have happily forwarded information about online shopping to people on my mailing list as the popularity of e-commerce zoomed and members-only online stores such as Gift.com started their operation sometime back. I have clipped coupons, bought samples, trolled outlet malls and have even picked things from clearance sale racks in order to obtain extraordinary bargain deals. This is because great deals are as much dearer to me as fashion.

Bargain hunting is probably the right thing for a middle-aged woman like me because of the report published by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. According to the report, 50 percent of the baby boomers are expected to outlive their retirement savings. As of now, I am not too much concerned about retirement as my goal is to keep working forever. At the same time, I do not want to spend a fortune in order to live well now.

Actually, I am extremely happy that technological advancement has made it possible for me to enjoy both. Here are a few apps that would help you to find best deals and prices.


This is a crowd-sourced price comparison app and it provides you with prices that shoppers enter on real time basis. This will help you to find out if the deal offered to you is best.


I don’t like to carry paper coupons around. This handy app works well for stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom. You will get to know in-store deals and coupon codes. You can even get grocer coupons which will help you to save more money.

Level Money

Actually, I don’t like budgeting. It is the same dislike I feel when it comes to carrying coupons. However, this amazing app works by linking up your account and letting you know as to how much money you are left with to spend in an ingenious manner.


This is a dream resource as far as any shopper is concerned as you will get to know about oodles of products from thousands of merchants. And, you can pick the best bargain you want.

You can make use of technology to save as much money as you want, but according to me you should also have a strategy if your goal is to buy smarter. Here are some of my favorite tips to help you create a dream wardrobe for yourself:

Develop a color story of your own. I like black and white. Of course, it is not that I buy only dresses that are either black or white. I do have some printed ones too. Actually, what my color preference means is that all of the basics such as skirts, pants and tees are either in black or white. You can choose the color you like. Sometimes, bold red may be the color of your choice. Or, you may prefer a neutral color like navy blue. Or else, you can build your wardrobe around denims.

Another aspect you need to keep in mind is that the dresses you buy should go well some of those that you already have. I purchased a pair of wine colored pumps in suede for a steal some years ago. I had to keep them in my wardrobe till I could find something that would go well with them. You may buy something dirt cheap, but it does not mean anything if you don’t use it.

Always buy in multiples. For example, I always use skinny black pants (from White House Black Market) for work. Their fit is great and they go along well many dresses. Moreover, they can be used round the year. Sometimes, I myself don’t follow my advice of buying basics in multiples, especially when it comes to jeans tees and, to be frank, I always regret it.

What Outsourcing Taught Me About The World

Countless businesses outsource work to some other countries. But outsourcing can become scary. How do you understand you’re definitely not intending to turn out to be sculpted off, with a work that will come back half-baked or not really at all?

We’ve all noticed tales of business owners who have dropped a small fortune attempting to conserve money, becoming things accomplished in Indonesia, South or europe America. As the president of a support corporation, I possess tried pretty much every type of outsourcing, with outcomes varying from catastrophic to outstanding.

We started with an concept for an app but lacked the know-how or dollars to hire my unique developers, so I actually outsourced. Initial, I determined a localised provider that farmed out job to India. It looked like a very good thought, because it meant I would end up being in a position to manage technical engineers to develop my item. Ideal of all, I’d deal with local people whom I could meet face to face.

My problem was, no one working for the local company was focused about my app. These personnel all happened to run plenty of jobs at after. And I in no way spoken to the American indian team, which had no clue about the continuing business problem the app was intended to solve; they merely received recommendations from guys who didn’t really treatment about my task. The consequence was consistently a buggy merchandise that crashed, a problem we possessed to scrap.

Thankfully, option traders saw potential around what I has been building and right after I elevated my first around of funding, I hired my own team. A mixture was attempted by me strategy, wanting to preserve prices down and work productivity up. I engaged two elderly in-house planners and they saw a workforce in India to whom they outsourced quite a bit of the function. That way, our in-house men could go to to the important infrastructure function and guide the Indian native group. Our localised engineers charge around $100,000 a calendar year each, and for $180,000 a year, we anchored six full-time technical engineers in India, incorporating an office manager.

Once again, the solution was not best. Our localised guys used up far of their moment writing specialization skills for India, and the computer that go back had been sloppy. This disappointed our regional engineers. They weren’t proud of the ongoing work and they lost interest in the venture. Generation slowed and blunders predicted. My option has been to bedroom the total crew, scrap the item and create an in-house team from scratch. A close friend from Google helped us find the right people.

As our company has cultivated, I’ve tried new approaches to outsourcing. Sooner this yr I began sending mobile phone revenue to a localized call facility. It did a great task, and within a partners of calendar months suggested reducing fees and raising potential by employing its place of work in the Philippines. I was skeptical initially, but after the Philippine had been met by me callers on Skype, offered the continuing organization to them and qualified them to create calling on our part, I noticed confident they could accomplish a very good job.

But I was not prepared for the effects. I reviewed recordings of their message or calls and found that they were excellent regularly. Within a full month, every caller seemed to be deciding upon up 100 suppliers an evening from around the universe. The callers had been friendly, well-spoken and engaged, and they worked hard – often calling through the full day to reach suppliers in different moment zones.

At the same moment, I heard reviews from friends who were having success outsourcing development give good results to the Philippines, so relatively than looking for development outlets online, I jam-packed my bags and flew to Manila. I met additional providers with agencies furthermore there and heard how they acquired created their clubs. I met start-up incubators and mastered about the local tech community, and I met recruiters to see if we could hire high-quality local developers. Along the way, I discovered Manila’s thriving start-up environment. The builders have been passionate about developing great merchandise, and everyone looked like excited and hard working.

We have a team of 15 in Manila nowadays, with six coders, four telemarketers, an artwork developer, a data source supervisor, an assistant local community supervisor, an accountant and a supervisor. We’ve recruited everyone individually, and users of our nearby office possess frequented Manila for prolonged periods, doing the job with the united workforce there. The overall setup, integrating office establishments, prices $27,000 a full month. After more than a few trial-and-error makes an attempt at outsourcing, I feel I possess nailed it. Right here will be the many important training I discovered along the method:

Research the nation to which you intend to outsource. If feasible, check out it.

We started out in the open with India because it was cheap; on manifestation, it wasn’t the put for us. It’s all far too simple and easy to work with fitters who has become software creators to receive good dollars. I’d in no way hire people today in your neighborhood with this mind-set: I need team people who are usually excited about the company, who need to obstacle themselves and find out. But I never got the possibility to communicate to our Native indian contacts because they didn’t communicate English. Thus I couldn’t build a connection with them or excite them about the job. By checking out Manila before placing up an integrated team, I acquired about the way of life, met vital customers of the network and determined the perfect people today to sign up for our company.

Hire people young and old the approach you would seek the services of your residence team.

In India, we used an outsourcing center that allocated people to work on our project. At first, we had some good developers, but they were switched to various other jobs. They had been by no means our crew. I understood that folks who do the job for an impersonal outsource purchase where they switch from venture to project every month were not the people I wanted to employ. They were not passionate or driven; they wanted the pay merely.

By comparison, in Manila I utilized the top recruiter in village. The candidates were sent by us take-home questions and followed up with face-to-face interviews with our native manager. Those who designed it through that game interviewed one-on-one over Skype with the man in the household business to whom they would survey. We could possess employed the 1st 10 individuals who responded to an advertising, but through cautious choice, we put together an outstanding team that accompanied our group back house.

Pay even more than you have to.

In Manila, a midlevel software engineer can expect to help to make $1,000 per month and a call central person may make $800 per month. We made available almost two-fold that. As a final result, we recruited the most effective of the most effective. The persons we engaged feel incredibly successful to get the job done for us; they are usually dedicated and enthusiastic about the organization.

They are part of your team; treat them that way!

It’s simple and easy and tempting to write give good results standards and boat them overseas only. But I’d in no way hand specialization skills to home-office workforce and count on them to deliver, as a result I shouldn’t possess executed it with an overseas team. Presently, we carry a full-team, stand-up gathering every day making use of Skype. We maintain lunchtime staff group meetings in Manila simply as we perform locally, we take care of staff people on their birthdays, and we generate convinced everyone provides the possibility to show up at teaching and job on plans they obtain appealing and specialized. We deliver staff once again and forth between the agencies regularly moreover, which facilitates us look like one solo, productive crew.

Outsourcing to foreign countries will get a cost-saving opportunity that converts catastrophic if mishandled. Whether you desire to retain the services of someone on the web for a smaller venture or build a next crew as I’ve performed, it’s crucial to turn into acquainted with your in another country staff associates. They must understand what you’re trying to achieve and be passionate about creating a great solution.

It’s embarrassing to admit that, during my early outsourcing attempts, rather than treating our overseas workers as people, My partner and i treated them seeing that solutions to provide a good ongoing assistance for a good fee. I mastered that crew members will be team associates, no matter where they are in the world.

Hire them with attention, continue to keep them motivated and handle them with admiration. They will deliver wonderful do the job in give back.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Small Tasks

You have to foodstuff it new content continually, keep up with WordPress updates, maintain your hosting account, moderate comments, respond to readers… a great deal, thousands of bit assignments maybe. And subsequently there’t selling and monetizing your blog page, which is even considerably more work.

It’s very difficult for anyone to manage, and the much larger your site grows, the worse the circumstances becomes. That’s why it’s beneficial to make in loan for blogging eventualities you might deal with.

One of those situations is the relevant dilemma of whether you should write your site posts, divide up the job with guests posts or perhaps staff blog writers, or outsource blogging completely. There happen to be disadvantages and positives to each of those strategies, and below are usually some queries you might would like to consider:

1. Your Relationship With Your Readers.
When you blog site, you need to create trust, bonds and relationships with your viewers. They develop to understand you and like you, and they can’t wait around to read your following post. Some grow to be die-hard lovers that rave about you or brief review all the moment. Great!

Not therefore great if you’ve individually branded yourself. The challenge with particular branding can be that you’ve designed up a readership who desires you and you just.

So you be concerned: what will happen to your blog if you outsource your blogging?

Nicely… it is based.

If a blogger like Naomi or Dooce Dunford decided to outsource their blog, their readers would revolt probably. Their individualities are some a huge portion of the blog page that it would end up being tough to acquire their visitors to allow anyone else.

As a result if your site is actually big and established, and you have thousands of loyal visitors, it could be tough. There’s a very good possibility you’ll shed some visitors if you work with team or commence adding invitees posters. Admirers will examine their give good results politely, but it’s genuinely you they want. It will take time, a good plan, and weathering rumbles from readers until it is accepted by them.

No more one likes transformation, but things will reconcile down eventually. They’ll suspend in there, in particular if you’re also still effective with posting now and again, and if you hire a blogger whose build and fashion complements your manufacturer personality. Make positive the blogger in addition provides similar-quality tips, info or entertainment as you’ve been giving.

Of course, all of that solely counts if an crowd is had by you. What if you’re also finding started merely?

The truth: it’s a lot easier. You can create your website around placing awesome information, than one particular personality rather. It won’t subject where the information comes from; as long as it’s awesome, your readers will be happy. And that finds the hinged entrance start for you to hire various other writers.

Which leads us to the up coming question:

2. What Variety of Blogger Carry out You Want?
You can’t merely hire anyone who has a fair hand. You need to find a blogger who fits with your business manufacturer, its vision, and the levels of expertise your website provides. Of course, this blogger also has to be ready to suit in with your aims and find results.

So you want to look for the best suited blogger. Below are usually some queries to believe about before getting somebody on:

Does indeed the blogger possess the knowledge for the performing job?
What’s the blogger’s writing style and model like?
Will that design match with your brand name and organization?
How much time have they been blogging?
Do they possess proven outcome?
How professional and professional are usually they?
Can they guide you achieve your ambitions?
Take note that I didn’t talk about, “How very much carry out they price?” We’ll acquire to that in a new bit.

First, nevertheless, discover that outsourcing blogging happens reducing to trusting person with your organization good reputation basically. You’re never simply just shoving off an endeavor – you’re allowing someone agreement to represent you and your company. This implies that particular person demands to end up being in a position to maintain your reliability (or enhance it), make sure you your visitors and acquire them communicating, and frequently generate your daily life significantly better and more convenient by freeing up your moment and being an tool to your site.

An important blogger who simply writes well but who may’t help to make you appearance awesome?

Meh. Cross.

One who seem to can hearth up your visitors, pick up them raving about your organization and presents faithfulness to serving to you succeed?

Well nowadays. That’s money.

3. How Will You Compensate Them?
Superior bloggers don’t get the job done for free of charge, but they don’t always need money, either.

Some prefer marketing exposure. Others would like a hyperlink to their blog site. Or republication rights. Or a barter concept.

Everything’s negotiable, and everyone wants something unique. They prefer something for their campaigns definitely, though, that’s for convinced.

As a result, decide what you get to the dining room table. Can you send them visitors? Build up their reliability? Help enhance their lookup engine ranks? Suggest their programs and products to your readers?

You need to have something to make available in substitute for a blogger’s work (and you’ll probably need more than $10 and a web page link), so figure out and about what you’re prepared to give in return for what the blogger brings to you.

In basic, the additional you give, the additional you get.

Fork out $10 for a web site posting without offering anything else in substitute, and you’ll perhaps receive a below average headline, sloppy sentence structure, and ordinary ideas, none of which would perform significantly to construct your web site. At the many other last part of the spectrum, some web owners shall accomplish everything for you, consisting of editing, polishing, receiving images, and endorsing it to generate site visitors. You’ll spend a lot more, anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per post, but you’ll get receiving a whole lot extra for the funds, too.

For a fee, some writers are in fact willing to enable you take credit for their do the job. Let’s talk about that next.

4. Should You Hire a “Ghost Blogger?”
No, it’s not a sordid, dirty word. Ghostwriting means an individual writes on your account and you found the do the job as your individual. The Chief executive does it with his speeches. Nothing wrong with that.

But it’s controversial, specifically when it comes to blogging. Some sense it’s dishonest. Others sense that there’s nothing at all wrong in choosing people to assistance produce and present your know-how with your visitors. There’s no tip that tells you must servant over producing articles if you completely can’t stand it, don’t have the time, or don’testosterone want to only.

Smart enterprisers don’t can that. Why should you?

Here’s another argument: if your producing knowledge aren’t up to snuff, and you might turn out to be potentially upsetting your authority and income, and if employing staff blog owners or visitor posters dilutes your brand name and furthermore damages your trustworthiness… why wouldn’t you employ a ghost blogger?

Persons with normal writing capabilities work with ghost people who flip their remarks often, audio records, traces and feelings into perfect posts. Same knowledge – just someone else writing. And very often, it’s the knowledge that your readers care about, not who applies it into terms.

Consequently ghost blogging might turn out to be an option for you, especially if you don’t like to spend time writing, can’t write well, aren’t finding the benefits you desire, or desire moment to develop various other areas of your enterprise. There’h nothing inappropriate with it, no even more than there is employing a cook for your cafe.

5. What If It Doesn’t Function out?
Every correct time you try to make a change in your enterprise, there’s the threat it might definitely not own been the best decision generally.

So let’s say you employ a blogger, function with a several guest posters, or decide to employ a ghostwriter. After a couple of months you realize that you’re definitely not getting the total returns you wanted. Maybe site visitors is certainly down or your visitors has altered or income have slipped.

Don’t nut outside. It transpires. All you want to perform is change.

Unless you’ve completely trashed your business reputation, you can usually change your blogging strategy. You can proceed back again to blogging yourself, work with a different blogger with a several personality, have a ghost blogger to produce more articles or blog posts for you… whatever runs. Carry a glance at Copyblogger, who was from a well squad of web owners to an array of guest cards and once again again.

No topic what you decide about outsourcing your blogging, you’re never jammed and determined forever. A blog page is usually a marketing application that you can have fun with and check just, adjust to to your check and must have for results as you choose along, simply just like any many other web form of marketing.

And don’testosterone levels worry – eventually you’ll hit on the solution that functions very best for you.

3 Tips for Determining if You Need to Outsource

Outsourcing is nothing new in the business world. However, knowing whether you need to outsource the needs of your small business can be tricky. This is especially true if you are a newer business that may be operating on a small budget. Here are a few tips to determine in outsourcing would be advantageous to your business.

Is the Service Needed?

Several different services that your company needs can be outsourced. Many of them are things that you could theoretically do yourself. However, you have to ask if you would be as effective as a professional would. Things such as creating a website or writing your blog are things that your company needs in order to be found in Google search results. You do not want to cost yourself business by doing a bad job.

Will Outsourcing Create Revenue?

When considering the outsourcing pros and cons, you have to ask if outsourcing will cost or make you money. When outsourcing your website needs, it could certainly make you money. Being relevant on Google makes sure that prospects can find your site. A great website can convert visitors into customers. If you can increase revenue by outsourcing, it is definitely worth it.

Will You Still Maintain Control?

Outsourcing is great because it can save time and generate revenue. However, one of the outsourcing basics to remember is that you need to stay on top of the work that the outsourcing firm is doing for you. You still want to maintain control by letting them know about the changes you want to have made. You want to communicate how you feel about the progress thus far. Communication is a major factor in any outsourcing project. The lack of communication can cause an issue even when the needs are being met.

There are many different outsourcing pros and cons. Before you make the decision to outsource, make sure you ask the potential provider plenty of questions. You have to be able to identify the problem you want to have solved. You have to be open to suggestions and solutions that the potential provider has for you as well. Make sure that you choose a reputable company that has experience

Branding Your Business When You’re On A Tight

If you owner a multi-million dollar company, this article might not be for you. However, if you’re a small organization on a tight budget and want to learn how to brand your business read what I see in this article.

Large companies often spend millions to create a brand message, but the ones that stick in our minds kost are based on simple concepts which have a creative spark.

The secret to branding is that it can be used creatively without explanation. One great example that stands out for me is when Target promoted the reality TV show Survivor, before it was popular. They plastered their elegant, bulls-eye logo all over the show. Although Jeff Probst, the host, mentioned the company’s name a few times in the show, the large red concentric circles reminded people throughout the show of the store. It worked and Target got a ton of mileage from that branding idea.

You and I migt not have the budget Target or any large company does. However, if you’re creative enough, you can come up with a multi-million dollar like campaign without spending your mortage money.

Create a logo that stands out

A good logo will go a long way so spend some money getting a nice one. Unless you can create one on your own, which looks professional, you should hire an expert. There are designers online to help you create an image that lets people know what you and your company stands for instantly.

According to Entreprenueur, “While brainstorming logo ideas by yourself is a crucial step in creating your business image, trying to create a logo completely on your own is a mistake.”

You don’t need to spend a fortune to find good help. To save money, have a rough idea of what you’d like. Brainstorm with friends and do some basic research on your own. This can be lots of fun, but don’t spend months thinking about this. The real money in your business is made based on your marketing efforts, not on having a fancy logo and tag line. Swipe log ideas from other companies. Determine which ones you like and which you don’t.

I beat you want to know What makes a good logo? There are a few key items that make for a logo fantastic. Ask yourself, if that logo is Functional. Will it work on a letter head and business card? How about a large poster? Make sure the pixel size is high enough for large posters. High resolution images (2500×2500) are best, even though they cost more.

Use Original artwork

If you use clip art, it will be obvious. Have your designer use original art that they create from scratch. This will cost more, but worth the extra expense. An electrician might have wires in his logo or a bolt of electricity. A big diamond ring would not be a good choice.

Select a logo that will work for the next decade. It should be evergreen. For example, a picture of a stocky man doing the Gangnam Style dance probably won’t mean much in seven years (at least I hope it doesn’t).

Watch out for complex logos. A complex logo might confuse potential clients. Keep the drawing clean and simple, like target’s bulls-eye logo. Take all of your ideas and any sketches to talk to whoever you get to help you create the final logo. The more you tell them the better job they’ll do.

If someone were to ask you if you wanedt a Coke or Pepsi, you would immediately know you’re being asked about a carbonated cola beverage, although there are distinct differences between the two products. Both of these major cola companies spend millions of dollars trying to coerce you into having a definite opinion about which one you prefer.

How do you accomplish this same brand recognition on the Internet? You need to build a site that displayes your organization’s uniqueness. You need advertising that draws customers.

Defining your brand distinction

Every company has a value proposition that defines why people should do business with them. You may never have clearly defined yours, but it exists nonetheless. You might have the lowest prices or the largest selection. You may have unique products not available anywhere else. Perhaps you offer live customer support and your competitors only offer email support.